New VesselView 4 and VesselView 7 software v3.0

Finally 🙂 it seems like Mercury has started publishing software updates for VesselView 4 and VesselView 7 – the Mercury

VesselView 7 and VesselView 4 Software v3.0 available
VesselView 4 and VesselView 7 software update available

Engine “Computer”.

We had not noticed before but suddenly it was available. It has a lot of updates. And Mercury is promising updates approximately twice a YEAR 🙂 going forward

But the new and updated features are:

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Simrad NSS Evo2 v2.0-5.1 firmware released with new features

The latest Simrad NSS Evo2 firmware v2.0 has been released.  It supports Chirp and DownScan at the same time, ForwardScan and more ways to customize Navigation page data. There are also new Internet features available where you can download/show maps online, upload structure scan data direct from chart plotter and download Insight Genesis created maps. It is ready for download and is recommended for all owners of Evo2 devices.

Simrad NSS Evo2
Simrad NSS Evo2 Firmware update v2.0-5.1
  • Update – February 2015
    • Higher Medium CHIRP ping speed for clearer image and faster/smoother scrolling
    • Support for simultaneous use of CHIRP and DownScan™ sonar imaging 
    • Support for ForwardScan™ forward-looking sonar 
    • Navigation page data items are now user-customisable 
    • Navigation page information bars for time & distance to destination, time & distance to next waypoint
    • Various system stability and performance improvements
  • GoFree™ Wireless
    • Access the online GoFree™ Shop to browse cartography and software available for your NSS evo2 multifunction display.
    • Purchase and download from the GoFree™ Shop directly to your NSS evo2 display’s memory card for immediate use on the water.
    • Receive automatic notifications when software updates are available, download and install updates without leaving your boat.
    • Upload your sonar logs directly to our Insight Genesis cloud software, and create detailed depth-contour maps of your favourite coastal and inland fishing spots for free.
    • Download your own Insight Genesis maps, and the community-created Social Maps, direct to your chartplotter for use on the water (Premium Insight Genesis subscribers only).
    • All GoFree™ wireless capabilities requires the optional WIFI-1 module. Online functions including the GoFree™ Shop, software updates, and Insight Genesis require a wireless internet connection.

The NSO Evo2 also got updated to V3 and has many of the features listed above.

Click here to download: Simrad NSS Evo2 Firmware Download

For more info you can also read here: NSS Evo2 and NSO new firmware

PropSpeed vs PropGold – Today marks the start of the challenge

PropSpeed vs PropGold
PropSpeed vs PropGold

Finally – after waiting 6 months for a haul out to get some top secret stuff installed on our test boat – we wanted to do another test at the same time.

As we are changing propellers from 3/3 bladed to 4/3 bladed Mercruiser propellers – we thought no better time than the present to do a 1:1 competition between two of the top contenders for propeller anti fouling – PropSpeed and PropGold.

So who will be the winner?

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New Raymarine Sonar Boxes – CP570 – CP470 – CP370

Raymarine has announced their new Raymarine CP570, Raymarine CP470 and Raymarine CP370 sonar boxes.  The new sonar boxes will be available during March 2015.

The Raymarine CP570 is a new pro Chirp Sonar.  It features intelligent CHIRP signal processing which allows the CP570 to see through dense schools of bait-fish, target game fish with exceptional clarity and show thermoclines.  The sonar has better (smarter) automatic sensitivity controls with “intelligent” noise filtering. The filtering reduce water column noise and enhances target separation.  It has two fully independent sonar channels that deliver faster target identification and up to 4 kW of combined output power. Retail price is set around $1,999.

The Raymarine CP470 Chirp sonar has the same signal processing benefits  of the CP570 – and is value priced @ $1,199 and has 2 kW of total output power.

Raymarine CP370 is the latest “Digital” Sounder from Raymarine. It features some of the same automatic signal processing as the CP470 and CP570 and has up to 1,000 watt of output power.  Retail price is around $699