Mercury Dynamic Rib 250 / 260 unboxing and First Looks

After a long delivery time – plus an additional one month “delay” from the UAE distributor

Mercury Dynamic RIB 250 / 260
Mercury Dynamic RIB 250 / 260

– our new Mercury Dynamic RIB 250 (Sold as Mercury Dynamic RIB 260 in the USA) – finally arrived.

One can say it is well packaged. The the local Mercury distributor decided to deliver it to me in the international shipping crate – with only one driver accompanying it.

With the crate I think the weight was above 100 kg – since it broke my little dolly certified for 140 kg.

The Mercury Dynamic RIB 250/260 is a inflatable dinghy with fibreglass bottom and rear end. So no wooden plates or air filled keel. It is about the same weight as other Dinghy’s the same size – but with fibreglass bottom we should have better performance and more precise steering. Continue reading Mercury Dynamic Rib 250 / 260 unboxing and First Looks

Guide to Dinghy Mounts / Dinghy Davits

After a few years of 2 foot-itisch you realize you need a Junior boat for your big ride. Your big boat is no longer one you just throw up on the beach and you don’t really fancy swimming ashore any longer.

So what do you do? You buy a dinghy – but pretty soon find out that it needs an engine. Once it has an outboard engine – it gets heavy. So hauling it up on the front deck is a chore.

So then you go looking for a dinghy mount for your boat. They come in many shapes and sizes – but common for all is most are made by small entrepreneurial companies around the world who does not have Garmin’s marketing budget. So they can be hard to track down – and hard to choose between.

Here is our list of the Dinghy Mounts and Dinghy Davits we have found so far.

Continue reading Guide to Dinghy Mounts / Dinghy Davits