Major Garmin software update for 5×7/7×1/800/1000 and 8000 series

Garmin has sent out a major software update on June 30th 2014. The software update has

Garmin GPSMAP 741xs on boat
Garmin GPSMAP 741xs and other new GPSMAP devices gets a big software update

a lot of new features I for one have cried out for. Kudos to Garmin for listening! Garmin seem like they are really upping their game and catching up with Navico/Simrad/Lowrance and Raymarine.

So if you have one of the latest generation Garmin GPSMAP devices the software update in general covers:

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Garmin Helm now support GPSMAP 500/700/800 & 1000 series

Garmin has released the Garmin Helm 1.1 for IOS (Apple Devices) today – with support for more devices than the previous 1.0 release that only supported the GPSMAP 8000 series.

Garmin Helm allows you to Remote Control your GPSMAP Chartplotter from your iPhone or iPad.

The Garmin Helm 1.1 now also supports both landscape and portrait mode – plus you can record the “session” as a video from your iPad or iPhone.

The new version supports:

Garmin GPSMAP 8000 Series (as before)
Garmin GPSMAP 500 Series (527, 527xs, 547, 547xs)
Garmin GPSMAP 700 Series (721, 721xs, 741, 741xs, 751, 751xs)
Garmin GPSMAP 800 Series (820, 820xs, 840xs)
Garmin GPSMAP 1000 Series (1020, 1020xs, 1040xs)

To install – click here: iTunes Garmin Helm App
To update – check for Apps updates in iTunes.

To use the new Garmin Helm with the new devices – they need to be upgraded as well. To download firmware for the above mentioned devices – click here Garmin GPSMAP Firmware

New Garmin Products at METS –

A lot of new products for METS from Garmin

Garmin SideVü and Garmin DownVü : New side and downscan sonar technology. Garmin SideVu DownVu

The Garmin GPSMAP 500xs and GPSMAP 700xs series will get a software update to support Garmin DownVü with the built in sonar.

New Garmin GVC 10 sonar black-box will integrate SideVü and DownVü and will be compatible with the new GPSMAP 700, 800 and 1000 series chartplotter. [ Updated] and echoMAP 70dv/70s. It has 3 network ports for networking multiple units? So does that mean the GPSMAP 700 series will be net workable now? As the GVC 10 is Garmin Marine Network compatible??  Prices $599 and available [we don’t know yet]



Garmin is also expanding their GPS 700 range – with new bigger brothers – the new Garmin GPSMAP 800 and Garmin GPSMAP 1000 series (So with 8″ and 10″ screens and the 10″ got buttons!!) update : The 800 and 1000 series are NOT touch. Only button controlled. And prices are about $2000 for the 10″ models and $1500 for the 8″ models. Availability about February 2014.Garmin 1000 Series




New Radars – GMR18 xHD and GMR24 xHD – With 48 RPM and auto adjustment. Dynamic auto Gain and dynamic Sea Filter -with a range of up to 48 nautical miles. Prices : GMR24 xHD – $2400 – GMR 18 xHD $1600 – available February 2014.Garmin XhD radar

New Free Garmin Helm iPhone and iPad app for remote control of Garmin GPSMAP units that are acceciable via Wi-Fi. It will be compatible with GPSMAP 8000 series first – but more GPSMAP models will be supported in the near future. Garmin Helm iTunes Link

Garmin Meteor 300 – New Garmin in-boat audio system – with Bluetooth streaming and control. Compatible with iOS and Android.  At launch it will work with the GPSMAP 500 and 700 series plus the Garmin 6000 and 7000 series MFD chart plotters with potential future expansion to other GPSMAP models as well. 3 separate audio zones – 4 x 50 watt – NMEA 2000 control Interface.

Price $400 and available February 2014. [Update – looks like it is just some Fusion OEM based on the accessories seems all to be Fusion based]

Garmin Meteor 300 Docking Station – with USB including micro-USB cable, Apple 30 pin cable and Apple lightning cable – $150 – available in 1-3 business days??

Garmin Meteor 300 NMEA 2000 remote control – well… looks like… Fusion???

Garmin Meteor 300 Remote Control $190 and available now.Garmin Meteor 300 NMEA 2000 Remote Control

Fusion NMEA 2000 Remote Control








Garmin gWind Series – new Wind vanes from Garmin

More info from Garmin here and from us as it develops.