Cradlepoint Routers – No longer recommended

Cradlepoint – NOT recommended!

For a long time we have recommended Cradlepoint Routers. Cradlepoint is one of the pioneers for M2M (Machine 2 Machine), load balanced router, routers with fallback from for example WAN to 3G/4G networks – which is great on boats. In the harbour you are on Wi-Fi – and once you leave – the router automatically switches to 3G/4G or LTE. And when you come back – internet is restored to using your harbour Wi-Fi. Great concept.

On our test boat we have a Cradlepoint MBR 1400 router. Mostly it is a great router – but it has some issues with connecting to a range of access points via Wi-Fi as WAN. We also have (actually .. – had) a few MBR1400’s setup between our offices and homes.

So we tried a couple of months ago to report the issue – here is a basic shortened paraphrased transcript….

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