Simrad Precision-9 Compass and Heave sensor!

The latest “ball buster” product from Simrad is the new Simrad Precision-9 electronic compass.

It has not gotten very much attention – maybe because Simrad is downplaying the most important part of the product – it outputs Heave data – at a sensible price point (about 40% less of what the cheapest other Heave Sensors cost)

[update 19/02: Seems like Heave data won’t be in the initial release and mention of it has been removed from Simrad’s Website (see source link bottom of page). Heave will become available with a later software according to the trusted writers at TheHullTruth] Continue reading Simrad Precision-9 Compass and Heave sensor!

GoFree Insight Genesis updated with more free features

Navico today announced updates to the GoFree Insight Genesis program. The Insight Genesis program is Navico’s “Custom Mapping and Content system” for the Navico range of chart-plotters that encompass the Simrad, Lowrance and B&G brands.

Navico GoFree

With GoFree Insight Genesis you can upload sonar logs recorded on multifunction chart-plotters in the Navico range. After some cloud processing GoFree Insight Genesis allows you to download your personalized contour maps to your devices.

GoFree Insight Genesis New Features

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Raymarine settle DownScan patent dispute with Navico

Well that did not take long – Raymarine has entered into a license agreement with Navico for DownScan sonar technologies. The terms of the patent license and resolution are confidential says Raymarine.

So court case out – and Raymarine is now officially licensed to use the DownScan technology from Navico. (Navico is the owner of Simrad, B&G and Lowrance)

So what about Garmin then. 🙂 DownVu could be next?


New Navico Simrad Lowrance SonicHub firmware

Just a quick news snippet – Navico has released a new update firmware for Sonic Hub version 1.0.3058

Uni-Dock for SonicHub
Uni-Dock for SonicHub

The new version improves iPhone 5 support and adds support for the new Simrad Uni-Dock.

Lowrance SonicHub update: Click here

Simrad SonicHub update: Click here


Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Software Update v2.0 available

Lowrance has [finally] released the HDS Gen 2 software update for Lowrance Gen 2 Touch and “normal” Lowrance Gen 2 units.

The new features are:

  • Support for GoFree wireless remote operation with the Lowrance WIFI-1 module – so you can “remote control” your HDS Gen2 from iDevices and Android devices. [HDS/Touch]
  • Insight Genesis compatible – so you can create your own maps – but unfortunately still limited to very few locations around the world. If you are not in an approved location – you can’t create an account and use Insight Genesis [HDS/Touch]
  • Map/Chart sharing – Share your Navionics/CMAP or Insight maps with other HDS Gen 2 units [HDS/Touch]
  • Navionics Depth contour shading and highlights [HDS/Touch]
  • Navionics EasyView, Dynamic Tides & Currents [Touch]
  • Internal GPS antenna updated to use 5Hz update speed from 1Hz (5 Hz = 5 times pr second) – latest Lowrance Point-1 external GPS is a 10Hz antenna
  • StructureMap HD Sonar Charts – The old version gave you very resolution limited “Sonar Charts” of your recorded structure scan logs. The new version 2 keeps high resolution. [HDS/Touch]
  • Structure Scan auto contrast [HDS]
  • Now Gen 2 supports the Lowrance Point-1 10Hz external GPS [HDS/Touch]
  • And a new feature – Dual Chart Capability – we don’t know what that covers yet but will investigate [HDS]
  • New panel setups for HDS-8 and HDS-10 [HDS]
  • A screen capture shortcut [HDS]
  • And like Raymarine a/c/e series – a built in PDF reader – for keeping manuals handy. [HDS/Touch]

Version today on release date May 10th : 2.0-45.135

Direct download location:

HDS Gen 2 Touch Software Version 2

HDS Gen 2 Software Version 2 (non touch)

Jeppesen C-MAP on Lowrance, Simrad and B&G chartplotters

Navico/Simrad has announced today that the current lineup of chartplotters will  support Jeppesen C-MAP MAX-N at launch time. The MAX-N charts look like they might be a “special” version of the normal MAX maps – made especially for Navico.

The C-MAP MAX-N will be compatible with Lowrance Elite-7, HDS Gen1, Gen2 and Gen2 Touch plus Simrad NSS, NSE and NSO – and B&G’s Zeus Touch multifunction displays.


Simrad NSS 2.5 RTM software [almost] released with GoFree support

Simrad’s venture into Wi-Fi controllable navigation equipment came one step closer yesterday with the launch of the new Simrad NSS software version 2.5 RTM.

The version 2.5 includes support for Go-Free – Simrad’s wireless “access point” – that will let you control all your Simrad NSS navigators from tablet and phone devices.

The software update also includes support for Insight Genesis – the Navico “Extend you own maps with sonar data” product.

You can read more? here: Simrad NSS 2.5 RTM – the download is protected by user name and password – but it cant be long now before you can download it.