New Simrad NSS version 3 software update

Simrad has taken the Simrad NSS Version 3 out of Beta and published it today (September 20th 2013)

Simrad NSS V3 software available for download
Simrad NSS 3 software update available

Simrad’s own link is currently missing the file extension from their link so it won’t download directly from their website.  But here is a direct link that works:

Simrad has fixed their link – but a direct link is still on the following page

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Nobeltec TimeZero for iPad released with PhotoFusion support

The PC Navigation specialists – Nobeltec – has released their iPad Navigation application – Nobletec TimeZero.

Nobletec TimeZero iPad application
The new Nobletec TimeZero iPad application

Compared to Navionics, Jeppesen Plan2Nav and Garmin BlueChart Mobile – the NobleTech TimeZero uses raster charts – where the others use vector charts. It means the charts look more polished – and more like paper charts. But it also means when you rotate the charts or use 3D projection – numbers and text will not be “the right way” up for you to read them.

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Navionics iDevice apps gets auto route functionality [update 1]

Just a quick news flash – today’s Navionics Mobile app for iDevices can now do auto routing on the water. If it will be as good as Garmin auto guidance is yet to be seen


The price is $4.99 and is available now after an update and in app purchase. You might have to download latest maps from Navionics to make it work but so far no success for me



Update – well the Auto Routing is very touchy. After a few attempts I have found out the App can randomly do routes towards me (so in reverse to what I tried first) sometimes it will work – other times it won’t. I am in a narrow dredged canal area but still?  And it also seems like many of the bridges around has no height which might not help. But even without bridges it is still quite “random” if it works or not.

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Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Software Update v2.0 available

Lowrance has [finally] released the HDS Gen 2 software update for Lowrance Gen 2 Touch and “normal” Lowrance Gen 2 units.

The new features are:

  • Support for GoFree wireless remote operation with the Lowrance WIFI-1 module – so you can “remote control” your HDS Gen2 from iDevices and Android devices. [HDS/Touch]
  • Insight Genesis compatible – so you can create your own maps – but unfortunately still limited to very few locations around the world. If you are not in an approved location – you can’t create an account and use Insight Genesis [HDS/Touch]
  • Map/Chart sharing – Share your Navionics/CMAP or Insight maps with other HDS Gen 2 units [HDS/Touch]
  • Navionics Depth contour shading and highlights [HDS/Touch]
  • Navionics EasyView, Dynamic Tides & Currents [Touch]
  • Internal GPS antenna updated to use 5Hz update speed from 1Hz (5 Hz = 5 times pr second) – latest Lowrance Point-1 external GPS is a 10Hz antenna
  • StructureMap HD Sonar Charts – The old version gave you very resolution limited “Sonar Charts” of your recorded structure scan logs. The new version 2 keeps high resolution. [HDS/Touch]
  • Structure Scan auto contrast [HDS]
  • Now Gen 2 supports the Lowrance Point-1 10Hz external GPS [HDS/Touch]
  • And a new feature – Dual Chart Capability – we don’t know what that covers yet but will investigate [HDS]
  • New panel setups for HDS-8 and HDS-10 [HDS]
  • A screen capture shortcut [HDS]
  • And like Raymarine a/c/e series – a built in PDF reader – for keeping manuals handy. [HDS/Touch]

Version today on release date May 10th : 2.0-45.135

Direct download location:

HDS Gen 2 Touch Software Version 2

HDS Gen 2 Software Version 2 (non touch)