Mercury VesselView 702 & Mercury VesselView 502

At the Miami boat show – Mercury launched the new generation of VesselView displays based on updated hardware from Simrad.

Mercury VesselView502

Mercury VesselView502 5 inch
Mercury VesselView 502 5 inch button-less Engine Management System

The Mercury VesselView502 (Mercury writes it with and without spacing) – seems to be based on the Simrad GO5 button-less touchscreen chartplotter. It has a 5″ multi-touch screen with 800 x 480 resolution (if Simrad GO5 specs are to be trusted 🙂 )

The VesselView502 can show data from up to 4 engines


I’m not quite certain about sounder capability. The VesselView502 says it is compatible with Broadband Sonar with Chirp and Downscan imaging. So maybe the VV502 has retained the sounder interface from the Simrad Go5 – and the Engine Interface is added. But more later when we find out.

Simrad GO5 xse
Simrad GO5 xse for comparison

The VesselView502 has built in 10 Hz GPS receiver, WiFi & Bluetooth & NMEA 2000 interface. The VesselView502 has the data-card slot on the back – so make certain you install in a way you can access the data-card for updates or for adding chartplotter maps.

Since the 502 does not have Simrad Ethernet interface – I doubt it will be compatible with Ethernet connected accessories like Radar or advanced Sonar boxes. But maybe the future will make that happen via WiFi despite the heavy data load.

The VesselView502 will be available (in the USA) in May 2016 – and SRP/retail price is not known yet.


Mercury VesselView702

Mercury VesselView 702
Mercury VesselView 702

The VesselView 702 is a 7″ Widescreen display – based on the Simrad NSS7m Evo2. With a screen resolution of 800 x 480 – you get same amount of pixels as the Simrad GO5 & VesselView 502. The display is of course multi-touch – but the VesselView 702 has buttons and rotary dial – just like the Simrad NSS7m Evo2. That does also mean the “mark” button for waypoints is missing compared to the bigger siblings in the Simrad NSS Evo2 family.

The VesselView 702 supports displaying data from up to 4 engines at the same time. It has two video inputs & a MicroSD data slot on the front. The 702 DOES have Ethernet interface so it can interface with Simrad devices via Ethernet like Radar and Sounder modules plus ability to share or get charts from other devices. So it is a full “NSS7m Evo2” plus Engine Managment interface. The 702 has built in 10 Hz GPS receiver but does not have WiFi built in. So Mercury is supplying the [IMHO] excellent Simrad GoFree WiFi module with it as a bundle.

Simrad NSS7 Evo2
Simrad NSS7 for comparison

The VesselView 702 (like the 502) does have NMEA 2000 interface and both are compatible with NMEA 2000 devices, incl. full support for AIS, Mastervolt C-Zone Digital power switching, Garmin Fusion Link & Simrad Sonic hub.

Software updates will be delivered via Navico / Simrad GoFree online store / platform – from which you can also purchase and update maps directly from the device screen – of course only if the device has Internet Connection.

The VesselView502 will be available (in the USA) in May 2016 – and SRP/retail price is not known yet.

I do hope they will continue with the VesselView 4 (The 4″ kind of “Instrument only” display as it does fill a need – and is a capable little bugger) – but lets see what the future will bring – or remove as it might be. But from now on there is no point in buying a VesselView7 that is for sure unless you have the “older” Simrad NSS devices on your boat. And even then….

All the pictures of new VesselView’s above are from Mercury. And I’m sorry but the quality is not great from the originals either.

Simrad NSS Evo2 v2.0-5.1 firmware released with new features

The latest Simrad NSS Evo2 firmware v2.0 has been released.  It supports Chirp and DownScan at the same time, ForwardScan and more ways to customize Navigation page data. There are also new Internet features available where you can download/show maps online, upload structure scan data direct from chart plotter and download Insight Genesis created maps. It is ready for download and is recommended for all owners of Evo2 devices.

Simrad NSS Evo2
Simrad NSS Evo2 Firmware update v2.0-5.1
  • Update – February 2015
    • Higher Medium CHIRP ping speed for clearer image and faster/smoother scrolling
    • Support for simultaneous use of CHIRP and DownScanâ„¢ sonar imaging 
    • Support for ForwardScanâ„¢ forward-looking sonar 
    • Navigation page data items are now user-customisable 
    • Navigation page information bars for time & distance to destination, time & distance to next waypoint
    • Various system stability and performance improvements
  • GoFreeâ„¢ Wireless
    • Access the online GoFreeâ„¢ Shop to browse cartography and software available for your NSS evo2 multifunction display.
    • Purchase and download from the GoFreeâ„¢ Shop directly to your NSS evo2 display’s memory card for immediate use on the water.
    • Receive automatic notifications when software updates are available, download and install updates without leaving your boat.
    • Upload your sonar logs directly to our Insight Genesis cloud software, and create detailed depth-contour maps of your favourite coastal and inland fishing spots for free.
    • Download your own Insight Genesis maps, and the community-created Social Maps, direct to your chartplotter for use on the water (Premium Insight Genesis subscribers only).
    • All GoFreeâ„¢ wireless capabilities requires the optional WIFI-1 module. Online functions including the GoFreeâ„¢ Shop, software updates, and Insight Genesis require a wireless internet connection.

The NSO Evo2 also got updated to V3 and has many of the features listed above.

Click here to download: Simrad NSS Evo2 Firmware Download

For more info you can also read here: NSS Evo2 and NSO new firmware

New Simrad NSS Evo2 software update v1.5

The latest Simrad NSS Evo2 series got a software update today. The new version 1.5 NSS Evo2 software contains one new important feature – “Bridge Control” – which is kind of a profile setting. With Bridge Control you easily can shift all screens from for example a Navigation setup to a Docking setup. The update also contains auto routing functions for both Navionics and Jeppesen charts.

Simrad NSS Evo2
New Simrad NSS Evo2 software version 1.5 with auto-routing and “Bridge Control” profiles

The new software update is compatible with the 7, 9, 12 and 16 inch NSS Evo 2 and is available for download today HERE

Simrad NSS Evo2 Bridge Control

  • Easily manage multiple displays across a helm station
  • Create your own bridge presets for activities such as docking, navigation, fishing, or diving
  • With one simple action you can configure the entire helm station
  • Link up to four displays as a ‘bridge’, and control what appears across those displays
  • Define up to four separate bridges, for vessels with dual helms or multiple stations
  • Create, edit, and delete bridges and bridge presets on the fly
  • Also compatible with Simrad NSS evo2 multifunction displays

Simrad NSS Evo2 Navionics Autorouting / Jeppesen Easy Routing (unavailable in North America)

  • Brings the convenience and ease of in-car style navigation to boating
  • Select a destination, and the chartplotter will automatically suggest the shortest, safest route
  • Routes chosen for the draught and dimensions of your vessel
  • Navionics Autorouting requires Navionics+ or Navionics Platinum charts
  • Jeppesen Easy Routing requires Jeppesen CMAP MAX-N+ charts

Simrad NSS Evo2 Jeppesen Tides and Currents

  • Display predicted tides and currents for a location in real-time
  • Make tide and current projections for a future trip
  • Zoom in to see dynamic current data directly incorporated into your navigational charts
  • Animated icons indicate current speed and direction
  • Requires Jeppesen CMAP MAX-N charts