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How to Update Simrad NSS / NSO chartplotters


With Simrad NOS59 software update just around the corner – I thought I’d show you how to update Simrad chartplotters to the latest’s version.

So watch our first video tutorial on how to update the software in Simrad NSS / NSO chartplotters

Software updates for NSS evo2 can be found here: http://ww2.simrad-yachting.com/en-US/Support/Downloads/NSS-evo-2/

Software updates for NSS evo3 can be found here: http://ww2.simrad-yachting.com/en-US/Support/Downloads/NSS-evo3-Software-Update/

So now you are prepared for NOS 59 – due anytime now!- with Auto Routing for United States and a lot of other fine updates.


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