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Used Boat Index Mid Oct 2023 update

Used Boat Index continues to climb
Used Boat Index continues to climb

The Used Boat index climbs to 4.45 points to 124.17 from last month – while continuing to set new records. Year on year the index is up by 18.95 point.

Used Boat Index Last month

Index overall has grown 4.45 points from 119.72 to 124.17 for all the boat markets.

Overall Sailboat Used Boat Index have grown 5.38 points from 116.84 to 122.22

Motorboat Used Boat Index have grown 6.2 points from 124.79 to 130.99

The primary Scandinavian / Northern Europe index has only increased 0.64 points from 112.06 to 112.71.

DateIndex overallScandinaviaSailboatsMotorboats
1 year ago            105.21             102.47             103.61              107.12 
1 month ago            119.72             112.06             116.84              124.79 
Today (18 Oct 23)            124.17             112.71             122.22              130.99 
The Used Boat Index historical values looking back 1 year and 1 month vs today.

Last year the inflow of used boats started to slow around end of October. The Used Boat index continued to climb until March but at a slower rate. It will be interesting to see if we get the same trend this year.

The Northern Europe/Scandinavian Index is slowing down as expected. If you check websites like the Swedish Blocket.se – it has decreased from peak 1.330 sailboats for sale to now 795. For motorboats it peaked at 12.425 boats for sale – and now it is down to 7.982. Boats are being put inside for the winter.

Our Used Boat Index creation has certainly stirred some people out there. Thank you for all the mails!

And the lovely and famous YouTube couple – the O’Kelly’s – have noticed cracks in the Catamaran market as well.

You can watch their video below


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