Used Boat Index Nov 2023 Index Update

Nov ’23 Used Boat Index – the big cleanup!

Used Boat Index Inventory keeps growing. November 1st showed a huge "cleanup" but inventory is still increasing.

Careful buying a Yacht EU VAT paid in Turkey!

Yacht EU VAT rules are complex. And problems might not show themselves until you are years into ownership. Check our advice before proceeding!
Marine-Review 2023 2nd Hand Boat Index shows big increased in boats for sale

2023 2nd hand Boat Index & market status

We walk you through the creation of our Marine-Review Used Boat Index and the current state of the 2nd hand boat markets. 20% more boats for...
Garmin laces undone

Garmin Down again? (Oct 16 2022) – update 2pm – up again

Today it seems like Déjà Vu with Garmin. All Garmin's online services are down apart from the "main" website. Could it be another ransomware...
Southampton Boat Show 2022

Impressions Southampton Boatshow 2022 Part 1

This year we went to the Southampton Boat show for the first time in 3 years due to Covid. The show was quite a...

Coming soon – review of BEP Smart Battery Hub

Not long ago BEP introduced the "Smart Battery Hub" for twin and triple engine boats. The Battery hub is "smart" - and integrates battery...

Make your own C-Zone DI Display Update Cable

Multiple users have asked me for a guide on how to make a C-Zone DI display update cable. The old C-Zone DI displays can’t...
Garmin GPSMAP 721xs

Today I’m Garmin Grumpy

For years I've helped out my dad with Chart-plotters for his sail boat in Scandinavia. He has been a huge Garmin fan due to...
Corona Virus Image

Covid19’s possible impact on the boat market

Covid19 and the implications of the world shutdowns will impact the boating market in a huge way. Read more here:
Delphia True Yachts Logo

Delphia stops making sailboats

It seems like the Polish Shipyard Delphia will no longer be producing sailboats and concentrate fully on multi-hull and single hull motorboats. The very modern...

C-Zone Quick Tip – Programming Interface

Do you need the MasterVolt C-Zone programming cable (80-911-0044-00) - don't buy it before you read this!

Scubajet Unboxing, First Look & Conclusion updated ’22

Scubajet Unbox and First Look - The Scubajet is an Austrian mini "Jet" engine" for water sports like Scuba & SUP (Stand Up Paddle board) or Dinghy/Kayak propulsion
Picture Shows the Mercury VesselView 703

Mercury VesselView software updates

Get ready for 2019 season with the Mercury VesselView most recent software updates