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Mercury VesselView software updates

Picture Shows the Mercury VesselView 703
The VesselView 703 is based on Simrad NSS7 Evo3

Here are the latest Mercury VesselView software updates so you can be ready for the coming 2019 season

Latest 2019 Mercury VesselView Updates

For VesselView Generation 1 :

The first Generation of VesselView – still works fine – but software is not getting any major updates. But still double check if you have the latest release!

VesselView 4 : Latest Version: 5.0-43.579-327656-r1 Download
I don’t know what hardware this is based on – but maybe a mix of IS40 + custom hardware or an early version of the Simrad IS42.

VesselView 7 : Latest version: 5.0-43.579-327656-r1 Download
The VesselView 7 is based on Simrad NSS 7 Chart-plotter with Mercruiser Hardware interface built in.

For VesselView Generation 2:

Mercury VesselView 702
Mercury VesselView 702

Mercury VesselView Generation 2 and onward changed the integration. The Mercruiser hardware interface got (mostly) moved to the “VesselView Link” – so a single separate box that communicates with engines – and transfer data to a display. The display can be VesselView 502/702/703/903 – or any Simrad/Lowrance displays with Mercury Integration.

So if you have an x02 or x03 version remember you might need to update BOTH the VesselView Screen and the VesselView Link interface!

Please note that software releases from late 2018 follows a new numbering scheme. So the numbers below are formatted as

  • First Part – 18.3 – that is the year [18 = 2018] and release number [3 = 3rd feature update release in 2018]
  • Second part – 61.1.123 – that is the internal Simrad/Navico/Lowrance/B&G/Mercury “Build Number” – Higher number = newer release. Normally only the “18.3” matters unless some nasty bugs snug their way in.

VesselView Link : Latest version: 18.3-61.1.123 Download

VesselView 502 – Latest version: 18.3-61.1.123 Download
The VesselView 502 seems to be based on the Simrad Go 5″ chart-plotter.

VesselView 702 : Latest version: 18.3-61.1.123 Download
The VesselView 702 is based on the Simrad NSS Evo2 chart-plotter.

For VesselView Generation 3:

Picture Shows the Mercury VesselView 703
The VesselView 703 is based on Simrad NSS7 Evo3

The Gen 3 Devices are much like the Gen 2 devices. They (mostly) need the VesselView Link box to talk to Mercruiser Engines. They have been sourced from Simrad with Mercruiser software.

Most VesselView functions can be obtained direct from Simrad chart-plotters without a Mercruiser branded display. As long as you have the VesselView Link box the Simrad displays can act like VesselView displays.

The exception is the VesselView 403 which seems to run special Merc software (see below) as it is NOT based on a chart plotter, and does NOT need the VesselView Link box.

Picture Shows the VesselView 903 Touch Screen
The VesselView 903

Please be aware that the below software updates are based on Simrad software release 18.3 – The original release of 18.3 was retracted from Simrad as it had bugs related to sync of way-points over the network and some Wi-Fi issues.

A new 18.3 release should be on the way but I do not know if the below includes any of the fixes! But I doubt it as I have seen later release versions than the ones ending in .132 or .123! The VesselView 403 update might be fine though. But I would wait a couple of weeks for the 703/903 updates!

VesselView 403 : Latest Version: 18.3-61.1.132 Download
The display is based on Simrad IS42 marine display. It connects direct to Mercruiser Engines. No VesselView Link box needed.

VesselView 703 : 18.3-61.1.123 Download
The VesselView 703 is based on a Simrad NSS7 Evo3 – currently (2019) the latest High-End chart-plotter from Simrad.

The 18.3 release is a really nice release for the VesselView 703, as you get a great new Wi-Fi feature. The new feature means you can be connected to the 703 from your mobile via Wi-Fi – AND the VesselView 703 can be connected to Marina or Hot-Spot Wi-Fi at the same time. So no loss of connectivity and no need to switch Wi-Fi between Access Point mode and Client Mode (*Pending re-release). To the best of my knowledge the 703 might be the ONLY current VesselView to get that function! So to be confirmed and updated later…

VesselView 903 : Latest Version: 18.3-61.1.123 Download
The All-Touch VesselView 903 is based on the Simrad Go 9″ Medium-End chart-plotter.

Link to Mercury’s VesselView Update Page – Click Here


  1. I’m thinking the IS42J is what they actually use, it has the J1939 connector on the back that looks suspiciously like the 14 pin mercury plug!

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