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This site was started as a positive protest đŸ™‚ to the overwhelming amount of “Everything is great – lets pad each-other on the back” Marine websites.

Try to find a marine review website that gives out an honest opinion – or one that even dares criticise – are far between. But here are fans of Panbo one of the best marine blogs out there. But there are not enough Panbo websites around. While we might sound harsh from time to time it is maybe due to the lack of great sites like Panbo.

And we try not to criticize unless we can suggest a better solution. That is called constructive criticism. Many websites are afraid of scaring advertisers away if they tell their honest opinion and that is a shame.If you can’t criticize constructively – how will Marine manufactures ever find out that they could do better?

As you can see the site is still a work in progress. It is a part time project so far but despite that we have 2000-4000 visitors pr month as pr March 2014. We are not sponsored by anyone – have so far no advertising – and all the products are mine – friends or borrowed from friendly suppliers with no strings attached. If/when we get “sponsored” review products in – that does not have to be returned – they WILL be posted on the site as “Competition Rewards” once our tests / re-tests are done.

About me : My name is Kaz and I’m around 40+ years of age..

I have sailed all my life – mostly in Europe and the Middle East.  I have sailed sail-boats (Maxi, B31, Omega, Targa, Jeanneau etc), motorboats – Bayliner, Sea Ray, Jeanneau and plenty of dinghies with and without sails.

I am educated in Electronics Engineering and have a complete component level electronics lab with professional equipment. I work on a few hardware projects with TI TIVA/MPS430 processors and my own hardware. I have built my own NMEA 2k compliant controller but am not a member of the NMEA organisation (who can’t control their members anyway and thereby the NMEA 2000 standard). That means N2K is fragmented standard that favours “custom” manufacture special “speak” on the N2K bus vs an real open and usable standard. I like open – or even semi open standards. But N2k takes the price for being the messiest, fragmented and poorest standard ever conceived – a standard that favours the manufactures lock-in to their own brands vs opening it up – and ensuring cross brand compatibility and best of breed solutions for YOUR boat. Sadly it is the “best” standard we have for boating communications networks.

So if our bluntness and ranting have not scared you away – feel free to comment on the site. Challenge us if you think we are wrong and we will listen. The only way to improve is to hear the truth from someone who cares.

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