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Lowrance HDS Gen 3, Carbon & Elite TI NOS59 available


Lowrance has been quicker than Simrad with the release of NOS59. After doing the how-to update video on the NSS evo2 – I thought I might just check if Lowrance has released NOS59. And they had – on Pi Day! of all days of course.

Why NOS and not version number?

Some have asked WHY I keep referring to NOS version number (NOS58, NOS59) and not use the Version number. Well Navico, Simrad, Lowrance & B&G have different hardware/software combinations – based on same and/or slightly different hardware.

So each version number on each device is actually different – but the NOS version number uses “incremental” across all the hardware devices.  So the NSS Evo 2 running NOS58 – is NSS evo2 version 6 software. But the HDS 9 Carbon running NOS 58 – was version 3.  Now with NOS 59 the Lowrance Carbon is calling that Version 4. So I guess the NSS evo2 might be called Version 7 once it gets NOS59.

But many of the features are the same across the NOS version – so to keep my own head straight… It is easier to just use the NOS number as the reference.

The release notes are a bit brief – here they are:

Lowrance FishReveal (NOS 18.1 / 59.1.72)

Release Date: 14 March 2018

Version: 18.1 / 59.1.72

Find more fish, easier and faster. See bottom structure in even greater detail and get simpler navigation when you upgrade compatible Lowrance® displays with the new software release.

At the heart of the release is FishReveal™ smart target viewing, an exciting new sonar feature for Elite Ti, HDS Carbon and Gen3. 

Plus, HDS Carbon gets massive enhancements to any high-frequency imaging (scanning sonar) transducer plugged into it like StructureScan® HD/3D. 

Elite Ti, HDS Carbon and Gen3 get a sizable bump in automatic navigation and map readability through the addition of  C-MAP® Easy Routing and Navionics® Dock-to-Dock Autorouting capability and the new C-MAP® navigation palette.

How to update to NOS59

You can update via Internet or via flash. Follow our Video Tutorial above for instructions on update via Internet.

To download the update to a flash card – you can go here – Lowrance NOS59 w/Auto Route and FishReveal – navigate to the download area – select your chartplotter family –  and download the .upd file.

Then copy the .UPD file on a MicroSD card in the root/first directory. Plug it into your HDS Gen 3 or Carbon – and start the device and follow the instructions.


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