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Make your own C-Zone DI Display Update Cable

Quick fix Ethernet to C-Zone DI display cable to update devices with original firmware < 6.0.1

Multiple users have asked me for a guide on how to make a C-Zone DI display update cable.

The old C-Zone DI displays can’t update via N2K if the built-in software version is less than V6.0.1. So it has a “hidden” M12 connector – which is actually 10Mbit ethernet.

The C-Zone DI is no longer available – so the original update cable (Part No 80-911-0058-00) can be really hard to find – and usually very expensive (>$200)

I made an update cable myself from a pre-made M12 cable. Then I hooked it up to a RJ45 connector and then I could update the display. The connector used was just an Axis Network Camera quick fix adapter I had available.

The base cable I used is the Molex/Brad Harrison part number: 1200650953 – you can find that for prices ranging from about $20 to $100.

As the C-Zone display is only 10Mbit Ethernet – you only need 4 wires in the RJ45.

Pin Map RJ45 to M12 cable (Based on the 1200650953 cable)
1 – Brown
2 – Green
3 – Grey
4 – N/C
5 – N/C
6 – Yellow
7 – N/C
8 – N/C

Now you should have Pink, White, Red and Blue wires “left over” from the M12 cable. They are not used.

Now hook computer and display into a separate switch and figure out how to update with C-Zone’s update software.

As I just did is as a “quick hack” it is not pretty but worked perfectly.


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