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It has been quiet – but no longer boat-less

New test boat - Cap Camarat 8.5 CC
The new test boat - Jeanneau Cap Camarat 8.5 Centre Console

Sorry for the long wait for new material. It has been a couple of years of changes. First we relocated from Middle East to Europe.

And since it was very expensive to transport the boat from the Middle East, with Port Export charge of > 10% of the boats value – we decided to leave the boat with a new owner.

So we have been boat less – and with no boat and some moron hackers trying to kill the site – there was not a lot of motivation to post and fix up the site.

But that has now changed. We have banished the hackers and found (we hope) all their little pieces of code – added encryption (https) support – updated site and got everything up again.

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 8.5 CC Centre Console

And… we got a new boat ! We put in an offer on a Jeanneau Bathtub (formally known as a Jeanneau Cap Camarat 8.5 CC) with twin Yamaha F225’s. And the owner accepted! Jeanneau is most “famous” for their range of Sailboats but they do some motor boats as well. Quality is somewhere between Bayliner & Sea Ray for all you ‘Merican’s reading here.

The CC stands for “Centre Console” so that is a first for us. It is kind of a “cruiser” Centre Console – and even got a little cabin where you can relax and lie down if you are < 6′(ish). Anybody taller than 5’5″ will have some issues migrating the body in there but it is possible. Maybe some Yoga lessons will help.

The boat has high sides – so it does look like a bathtub. For for Mediterranean day sailing it is great. For Electronics it currently has a Lowrance HDS 9 Gen3 Touch chartplotter/fishfinder.  There is also a Fusion stereo. So it is more or less a fully spec’ed out version of the 8.5CC.

It is also one of the last 8.5CC’s as Jeanneau changed the design a bit and now calls it the Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0 CC – but apart from the number change very little else seem to have changed at all. I think it now comes with a bow propeller as a standard option but that is about it (I think)

But there is plenty of space in her – some well used and designed – other parts designed by someone who is not very practical. So a lot of wasted space or unlikely “usable” space.


So watch out – as we are back. Even went to the London Boat Show ’18 – but not much to report back on. Since last reporting there has been a slew of new chartplotters from Raymarine, Lowrance, Garmin, Simrad and so on but we will try to catch up. Navionics got bought by Garmin. Navico bought CMAP.

But watch out for a more full review of the Jeanneau Cap Camarat 8.5CC – and more new electronics reviews and news. We got a boatload coming.

*All pictures above are official marketing pictures from Jeanneau


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