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CZone Touch 5 Review and Giveaway

CZone Touch 5 Display
CZone Touch 5 Display

Follow Marine Review on Twitter for the upcoming giveaway of a $1300 “slightly Lab used” CZone Touch 5 display. And come back to read the review of course !

The CZone Touch 5 display has built in Wi-Fi and can integrate CZone with Phone & Tablet apps.

Twitter Link https://twitter.com/MarineReviews

More info on CZone Touch 5 : Link

** We are not affiliated with CZone / BEP or any other marine equipment manufacture. If a product was sponsored by a 3rd party we will disclose it but it will not affect our opinion of any products. **

** When Marine Review get review products sent that does not require return, we will at some point hand them out to our followers after end of useful testing – but the CZone 5 Touch was bought and paid for by Marine Review and is surplus to our requirements as we bought several at a surplus auctions – Marine-Review will pay shipping to your destination but any taxes and import duties are your responsibility. Item ships from either EU or UK as we have stock at both test locations **


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