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Garmin GPSMAP Feb 2016 Software Update

Garmin has released a big GPSMAP software update for Feb 2016. The update has very "big version number" increases. The update does ONLY cover current...
Mercury VesselView702

Mercury VesselView 702 & Mercury VesselView 502

At the Miami boat show - Mercury launched the new generation of VesselView displays based on updated hardware from Simrad. Mercury VesselView502 The Mercury VesselView502 (Mercury...
Garmin Nautix-In-View Terminator

Garmin Nautix-In-View sunglass mount display

The new Garmin Nautix-In-View display, mounts on your sunglasses and provides quick access to important data from your chartplotter. The "Feather Weight" Nautix-In-View display is "Google...
Mercury VesselView Link by Simrad

Mercury VesselView Link – screen-less VesselView!

Yet another quiet Simrad product release with so far no press releases. Simrad and Mercury has announced the VesselView Link. The VesselView Link is a...
New support forum from Raymarine

New Raymarine Forum

Just a short heads-up - Raymarine has announced they are moving from their old forum to a new forum platform. So from now on all...
Simrad Precision-9 Front View

Simrad Precision-9 Compass and Heave sensor!

The latest "ball buster" product from Simrad is the new Simrad Precision-9 electronic compass. It has not gotten very much attention - maybe because Simrad...
Garmin GPSMAP 8600 Series in 4 Way split

Garmin GPSMAP 8400 / 8600 series Chartplotter released

Garmin has just announced their new ranges  - Garmin GPSMAP 8400 series and GPSMAP 8600 series. Available in 17", 22" and 24" display sizes...
VesselView Software v3.00 available for VV4 & VV7

New VesselView 4 and VesselView 7 software v3.0

There are newer software updates than listed in this article. Please refer to the Early 2019 Mercury VesselView Software update article! Finally :) it seems...
Simrad NSS Evo2

Simrad NSS Evo2 v2.0-5.1 firmware released with new features

The latest Simrad NSS Evo2 firmware v2.0 has been released.  It supports Chirp and DownScan at the same time, ForwardScan and more ways to...

PropSpeed vs PropGold – Today marks the start of the challenge

Finally - after waiting 6 months for a haul out to get some top secret stuff installed on our test boat - we wanted...