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Garmin launches Wi-Fi Marine Adaptor


Garmin has launched the Marine Wi-Fi Adaptor so you can connect to your GPSMAP with Garmin Marine Network products via WiFi.  The price is $199 with POE (Power Over Ethernet) injector.

The product looks a lot like Ubiquity Pico Station wireless Access-point. The picture at least shows it as a Pico Station M.  So lets see how much different they are in real life.+

But it seems a little cheap to “just” take a PicoStation and maybe change the software a bit to make a Garmin Wi-Fi access point. The standard PicoStation is NOT a marine device in any way. It is an outdoor access point – but it is not marine grade in the standard form. But once they start to deliver we will take a closer look.

Marine Wi-Fi Adaptor from Garmin (Or Picostation M)


Price is set at $199 and the product is available in US or International version. Right now the Garmin Website says 5-8 weeks delivery time. (PicoStation M is usually $99)

More information here: Garmin Marine Wi-Fi Adaptor Kit

Garmin has also launched the Bluechart Mobile Application in the Apple Store. More info here: BlueChart Mobile App



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