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More Garmin GPSMAP 8008 & 8208 info with picture


Well I was just blind. The new products are still on Garmins page at the button of the page Garmin GPSMAP 8008


But in short – Garmin GPSMAP 8008 and GPSMAP 8208 – 800×600 multi touch screen – LED Backlight – 2 new CAN Ports ? (House and Engine??) – NMEA 2000 port – usual NMEA 0183′ ports – 4 Garmin Marine Network ports – DVI display output port – 2 BNC video input ports.

The new version introduces something Garmin calls SmartMode (TM) control. Which according to Garmin means you can setup “multi screen presets” without having to switch each screen individually.

Garmin GPSMAP 8208

They do look great – but the GPSMAP 8008/8208 are different in size from the GPSMAP 5208 (8208 – 268.9mm x 193.9mm – 5208 330mm x 173mm) and quite surprising the screen (8.4″) is actually close to 4:3 format with it’s 171mm x 130mm – which I find absolutely great and very sensible. But there is a lot of wasted space around the edges which I do not like.


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