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It seems like Simrad USA (to my knowledge so far only USA) have started killing their reputation. Suddenly without warning – they have started taking things out of the Simrad NSS boxes – without telling the customers, modifying manuals or updating shipping boxes.

Simrad USA Installation manual says "Check the Content"- I'll bet it needs too!! Please check if NSS is inside as well.
Simrad USA Installation manual says “Check the Content”- I’ll bet it needs too!! Please check if NSS is inside as well.

So they have started removing mounting brackets and video cables from the boxes. The boxes still mention their are in there – and the ONLINE PDF manual still says they are in there.

On THT – Simrad was quoted saying only 10% used the bracket mount. But dear Simrad – if you REALLY want to p**s people off – why don’t you take the MFD unit out as well? Maybe that is next, since only 10% really knows how to use all of the features in it.

I do understand that you think the bracket should be taken out at some point. But in the middle of a production run of a product? And many of us use the bracket – at least initially – getting to know the device at home.  We don’t flush mount it in our kitchen tables!

And saving a couple of dollar on a Video Cable? Come one guys – I know the business is hard and has been for years. But again – … please …

I was so happy when I learned Simrad products COMES with brackets – not like Raymarine. Garmin still supplies brackets  – so dear Simrad – lets just call this a “misunderstanding” from a newly graduated MBA – and start putting the brackets and video cables back into your product boxes as PROMISED. And stop playing those tricks in the future. Raymarine customers are always suffering – since brackets and video cables are not something the small dealers want to stock. So wait time is ALWAYS a PITA.

You already region lock your products – which NO OTHER SERIOUS MFD supplier does. Raymarine does not – and Garmin does not. So you can’t sail across the pond with  Lowrance or Simrad products on board.

So stop annoying people more than you need or your quickly found customer gains might rush down the drain again.

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