Home News Garmin Helm now support GPSMAP 500/700/800 & 1000 series

Garmin Helm now support GPSMAP 500/700/800 & 1000 series


Garmin has released the Garmin Helm 1.1 for IOS (Apple Devices) today – with support for more devices than the previous 1.0 release that only supported the GPSMAP 8000 series.

Garmin Helm allows you to Remote Control your GPSMAP Chartplotter from your iPhone or iPad.

The Garmin Helm 1.1 now also supports both landscape and portrait mode – plus you can record the “session” as a video from your iPad or iPhone.

The new version supports:

Garmin GPSMAP 8000 Series (as before)
Garmin GPSMAP 500 Series (527, 527xs, 547, 547xs)
Garmin GPSMAP 700 Series (721, 721xs, 741, 741xs, 751, 751xs)
Garmin GPSMAP 800 Series (820, 820xs, 840xs)
Garmin GPSMAP 1000 Series (1020, 1020xs, 1040xs)

To install – click here: iTunes Garmin Helm App
To update – check for Apps updates in iTunes.

To use the new Garmin Helm with the new devices – they need to be upgraded as well. To download firmware for the above mentioned devices – click here Garmin GPSMAP Firmware

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