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GoFree Insight Genesis updated with more free features

Navico GoFree

Navico today announced updates to the GoFree Insight Genesis program. The Insight Genesis program is Navico’s “Custom Mapping and Content system” for the Navico range of chart-plotters that encompass the Simrad, Lowrance and B&G brands.

Navico GoFree

With GoFree Insight Genesis you can upload sonar logs recorded on multifunction chart-plotters in the Navico range. After some cloud processing GoFree Insight Genesis allows you to download your personalized contour maps to your devices.

GoFree Insight Genesis New Features

The new version of GoFree Insight Genesis now supports High chirp for sonar-logging – where as previous it only supported 200 kHz log formats.

Apart from creating your own maps – you can also share you maps with others – or download other peoples community provided charts. It does of course require the user providing the Contour maps to make their maps public.

The free and some premium freatures are available for  Lowrance Elite, HDS Gen2 Touch and Gen3, Simrad NSS evo2, NSO evo2 and B&G Zeus2 multifunction displays.

Check the table below for the different options available for free or for a cost. Unfortunately Navico GoFree Insight Genesis requires a Premium Account ($99/year) to keep you uploaded data private. I call that extortion…..


View and contribute to online Social Map community of inland and coastal waters across the globe with the Insight Genesis Social Map YES  YES
Upload, view and save your trip history

  • Unlimited sonar log uploads
  • See your boat trail overlaid on a satellite image with your custom map
  • Automatic weather data from each trip to display potential trends
  • Review sonar history (traditional and DownScan Imaging™)
Create and download waypoints for use on your chartplotter display YES   YES
Blue shaded maps with 1-foot contours from your Contour Maps – Personal and Social Maps for Lowrance HDS and Simrad NSS and NSO evo2 units YES – (New)  YES – (New)
Download community-submitted Social Maps for use on Lowrance/Simrad NS/B&G multifunction displays YES – (New)  YES
Create, view and save unlimited custom contour maps made from sonar recordings:

  • Select high-resolution contour lines (10, 5, 3, & 1-foot) and depth soundings
  • Identify depth transitions with gradually shaded color changes
  • Adjust depths automatically in tidal waters or with manual offsets
  • Create notes, tags and waypoints in your custom map
YES – (New)  YES
Merge and load custom maps – including both private custom maps with waypoints, and the Insight Genesis Social Map – onto Lowrance/Simrad NS/B&G multifunction displays YES – (New)Merge Up To 12 Trips Per Body Of Water  YES – Unlimited
View and save vegetation/weed-line and bottom-composition layers overlaid on your custom map YES
Download of high-definition aerial imagery for select bodies of water YES
Choose to keep custom maps private YES


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