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Garmin Down again? (Oct 16 2022) – update 2pm – up again

Garmin laces undone
Garmin laces undone

Today it seems like Déjà Vu with Garmin. All Garmin’s online services are down apart from the “main” website. Could it be another ransomware attack?

UPDATED 2pm GMT : Garmin connections are up again after ? 3+ hours of downtime. If this was planned downtime – Garmin should have communicated it. Still had to “sign out and then sign in” to my account to “download purchased content” via Garmin Express.

It is not the first time – but Garmin services seem to have hit a brick wall again.

From Garmin’s status page it looks like most services are down.

Garmin services down
Screenshot from Garmin System Status

I hope it is not another “Ransomware Attack” like the one Garmin suffered in 2020.

But as I’m in the middle of writing my Quatix 7 review and guide to installing charts – it is a bit of a PITA 🙂

Well I hope Garmin will be operational again very soon.

I do find it a bit problematic that Garmin has not posted anything on social media about the downtime at all.

But to quote Garmin’s most often used support response to any problem Garmin users experience:

“if you are having trouble please try power-cycling the devices!”

Garmin Support 1990-2022

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