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Raymarine Dragonfly Sonar/GPS module launched (officially)


The Raymarine Dragonfly was shown a bit early in a Magazine advert – but now it is officially released.

Dragonfly Front Dual-Sonar

The Dragonfly is combination Sonar and GPS module with “Downscan” technogly like Hummingbird and Lowrance/Simrad has had for some time. It lack the “Sidescan” though.

Downscan means it can show “picture like” image of what is below the boat.  With the new CPT-60 transducer it uses 2 sonar channels – 200 kHz and 355 kHz for fishfinder and Downscan. The 355kHz is quite unusual compared to Hummingbird and Lowrance/Simrad since they use 455 kHz for their Downscan. That means theoretically the Raymarine will go “deeper” but might not have as detailed images. Raymarine claims range is 600′ deep (200 meters)

The Raymarine Dragonfly has a VGA resolution with 1500 nits on a 5.7″ screen. It supports Navionics Silver and Gold maps at HotSpot fishing maps.



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