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Garmin Bluechart Mobile map updates – cost a fortune


While I am still waiting for a Garmin Network chart plotter to complete my review of Bluechart Mobile – I got a huge surprise today when I opened the application.

I have two maps – one I just bought < 10 days ago – and another I had for a couple of months. Today – I opened to app – and was greeted with a “map update available” – ohh cool I thought – maybe Garmin has finally mapped the harbours around where I live.

But my disappointment was huge – when I found out that each map update cost between $25 and $35. Thanks Garmin. That is for the upgrade from 2012.5 to 2013.0. So as you can see Garmin runs “bi-annual” map updates – bringing the cost of Bluechart Mobile up to $50 to $70 – just in map updates for ONE area pr. YEAR. Then add your updates to your MFD charts and and and………..

And apart from that – the Bluechart Mobile app keeps nagging you about upgrades being available for your current map until you upgrade. And you can’t disable the warning.

And finally – Garmin has not updated the harbours where I am – even in the 2013.0 chart version. Navionics did 6 months ago – and that was kind of late as well (2 1/2 years after they opened)

Garmin – you should be ashamed!

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