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New Maretron SMS100 SMS/Text message NMEA 2000 Gateway


I almost overlooked this – but Maretron has released the Maretron SMS100 SMS/Mobile text Gateway & alarm module.

Maretron SMS100
Maretron SMS100

With the SMS100 installed – and paired with a Maretron Display – you can configure alarms for data on the NMEA 2000 network. The SMS100 can then relay the alarms to your mobile phone via SMS/Text messages.

You can also send a SMS text to the SMS100 to enquire about the status of your boat. And the box will reply back with the current status data.

While I think it is “nice” to get a mobile interface – an SMS interface is really outdated. The price of data packages via mobile today – is so cheap – that it would have not been a problem using GPRS data transfers and not just SMS texts. That would have given a lot more possibilities. But NMEA 2000 has its own issues – and is not really made for the year 2000+

For more information on the Maretron SMS100 – Click here

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