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Nobeltec TimeZero for iPad released with PhotoFusion support

Nobletec TimeZero iPad application
The new Nobletec TimeZero iPad application

The PC Navigation specialists – Nobeltec – has released their iPad Navigation application – Nobletec TimeZero.

Nobletec TimeZero iPad application
The new Nobletec TimeZero iPad application

Compared to Navionics, Jeppesen Plan2Nav and Garmin BlueChart Mobile – the NobleTech TimeZero uses raster charts – where the others use vector charts. It means the charts look more polished – and more like paper charts. But it also means when you rotate the charts or use 3D projection – numbers and text will not be “the right way” up for you to read them.

But with the PhotoFusion technology where NobleTec TimeZero integrates Arial photos overlaid in 3D with altitude profiles on the Vector charts – the result looks stunning – even if the text is upside down.

The App is free – but the charts costs from between $40-$50 depending on type and coverage area. Europe covers the Mediterranean (3 individual maps), English Channel to south Denmark (1 Map), UK (1 Map), and South West Europe – French/ English Channel to North of Spain including Portugal (1 Map)

Nobeltec iPad TimeZero
Nobeltec iPad TimeZero PhotoFusion

For North American Maps there are NOAA USA Mega wide (1 Map), Canada  Mega Wide(1 map) – and last but not least – Caribbean Mega Wide. So only 3 maps covers all of North America.

I don’t have Map coverage where I am – so I think it is a little excessive to purchase just for testing. But based on the screen shots – the maps look really really well.

And for a first generation iPad application – it is obvious that the developers have given it a LOT of TLC before releasing it. Well done!

So for the specifications:

Nobeltec TimeZero iPad Application (For iPad gen2 and up)

• 2D/3D chart display engine
• Complete navigation functions in full 2D/3D
• Patented PhotoFusion technology
• MapMedia Raster mm3d charts

• Your position on the chart
• Course (COG)
• Speed (SOG)
• Real-time weather and weather trends
• Tides and tidal currents

• Plot your position in real-time on the most accurate Raster marine charts thanks to the built-in geolocation features of your iPad (GPS and/or WiFi);
• Easily create waypoints and routes;
• Keep as much as 50 routes and display them easily at any time;
• Overlay complete tidal information (tide heights and tidal currents) directly on the chart;
• Thanks to PhotoFusion, overlay satellite photos for a perfect understanding of the coast line;
• Configure your NavData panel to keep on screen the specific instrument readings that are most useful to you: COG, SOG, Pos, Accu., CTS, NEXT, TTG, DTW, XTE, VMC, ETA, TTA, DTA, Weather;
• Navigate instantly to a waypoint (Go-To tool);
• Choose the chart orientation (Course-Up or North-Up), go back instantly to your vessel (Center On vessel) and switch from 2D to a 3D full view in just one click;
• Undo/Redo feature, don’t worry about doing mistakes;
• Share your position and comments on Facebook.

So head over to iTunes and Download it.

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