Home News Major Garmin software update for 5×7/7×1/800/1000 and 8000 series

Major Garmin software update for 5×7/7×1/800/1000 and 8000 series

The Full Lineup - Garmin GPSMAP Series 8000

Garmin has sent out a major software update on June 30th 2014. The software update has

Garmin GPSMAP 741xs on boat
Garmin GPSMAP 741xs and other new GPSMAP devices gets a big software update

a lot of new features I for one have cried out for. Kudos to Garmin for listening! Garmin seem like they are really upping their game and catching up with Navico/Simrad/Lowrance and Raymarine.

So if you have one of the latest generation Garmin GPSMAP devices the software update in general covers:

Garmin Sonar Sharing & Sonar Sync

Sonar sharing – if your devices has internal sonar + transducer – it can now be shared with other Garmin devices via Garmin Marine Network – from the 70s/70dv, 5×7, 7×1 and the 800/1000 devices to other supported devices on the Garmin Marine network.

The software updates also gives Sonar Sync so if you have multiple sources they can be synchronised.

Garmin External GPS receiver support

External GPS support – via NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 – so now the small devices can use external GPS receivers like for example Lowrance Point-1 or Simrad GS25 (which I think are the best value for money GPS receivers at the moment) – where you get a great GPS receiver AND heading sensor for $180-$250. Even the devices without NMEA 2000 like the 50 series can use NMEA 0183 external GPS receivers

Garmin Helm for Android

Garmin Helm for Android is coming (iOS version shown)
Garmin Helm for Android is coming (iOS version shown above)

Even if Garmin Helm for Android has not officially been released yet – the software release notes gives it away. So it should be close!

It does requires Garmin Helm 1.2 ?? 🙂 for Android – but I guess that will be the first Garmin helm app for Android.

Someone out there might have beta versions of the Android version and you are more than welcome to tip us off with a few screen shots of the Android version.

 Garmin 8000 series support for GCV10

And last but not least – the Garmin GPSMAP 8000 gets support for the GCV10 – so you can use the GCV10’s Chirp, DownVü and SideVü side by side

There are of course a lot more in the software than what I have listed above. But I think the above are important additions to the Garmin range and is catching Garmin up with Navico/Simrad/Lowrance and Raymarine.

Here is the link to the Garmin Software update: Click here for Garmin Software Update

Here is a link to the full list of release notes for each devices (Garmin Marine Network supported devices) : Link to Garmin Software Update Release notes

Congratulations to Garmin – you are on the right track back. Now if we only could get the heat sink’s shrunk and take the weight down. Are you still listening? 🙂


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