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New VesselView 4 and VesselView 7 software v3.0

VesselView Software v3.00 available for VV4 & VV7
VesselView 4 and VesselView 7 software update available

There are newer software updates than listed in this article. Please refer to the Early 2019 Mercury VesselView Software update article!

Finally 🙂 it seems like Mercury has started publishing software updates for VesselView 4 and VesselView 7 – the Mercury

VesselView 7 and VesselView 4 Software v3.0 available
VesselView 4 and VesselView 7 software update available

Engine “Computer”.

We had not noticed before but suddenly it was available. It has a lot of updates. And Mercury is promising updates approximately twice a YEAR 🙂 going forward

But the new and updated features are:

• Setup wizard major redesign – now includes engine specific setup
• Settings menu reorganization which makes operation more intuitive
• Engine hours displayed on System scan screen – with 5 digit capability
• Digital values on pressure and temperature indications
• Trim and trailer position indication provided (0-10-25)
• Data boxes now support three and four engines
• Engine load added to data box options for diesel engines
• NMEA2K fuel level sensors – acquires total fuel capacity from sensor Enhancements
• Skyhook response level added for Joystick Piloting for Outboards (JPO)
• Default tank capacity to zero once arrowed past max on VV 4
• Total tank capacity added to oil tank • Removed “V” on battery voltage screen
• Finnish language translations revised
• Scroller bar items reorganized which makes operation more intuitive
• Graph warnings only trigger by fault flags – not by exceeding limit set points (which are engine specific and still user configurable)
• Improved operating range graphics on bar graphs

The Mercury VesselView 4
The Mercury VesselView 4

• Bar graphs start at minimum value (found in limits), no longer start at 0
• 7 function warnings on N2K bus – includes Water in Fuel (WIF) fix
• Troll – “ON” has been replaced by “ENABLE”
• Updated manuals – Quick Start Guide and Owner’s Manuals now available electronically: www.mercurymarine.com/vesselview
• Consumer software downloads – Mercury now offers VesselView software upgrades (approximately twice a year) that the end user can install

VesselView 7 & 4 wishlist

Before having tried version 3.0 – here is our wishlist for VV4 and VV7 software updates in no particular order of preference!

1. Comparability with Kohler Generators (Like 4ECD/5ECD) that worked with the old VesselView

2. A numbers display like the old VV that shows all important engine parameters on ONE screen in a table layout on the left hand side

3. Ability to configure if you want BAR GRAPHS or just numbers… or numbers ON the bar graphs… Now a bar graph will show 2 or more items – but if you “push it” to get numbers – only 1 item is shown and you have to scroll to compare.

4. Integration with Axius (Gen1 & Gen2) as VesselView Simrad compatible Autopilot, so you can use the AP computer on Simrad/VV to control Axius & Pod drive. And then turn VesselView into a Simrad SG05 equivalent autopilot steer by wire controller – so ALL the excellent Simrad Autopilot controller features are available! You could even make it a $400 software option and we would gladly pay….  But not much more than that 🙂

5. Longer time-out before VesselView / Simrad integration features is disabled (when you turn one or the other off) – it would be nice to be able to anchor for more than a couple of hours with only VesselView 7 on but still be able to show charts/radar and sonar with Simrad MFD devices turned off. (Save Power!!) 8-12 hours please?

6. Auto-Close dialogue screens related to “Autopilot” so “Autopilot is in standby mode” is not shown for more than 10-30 seconds before becoming a secondary information. The little X is so hard to push….

7. Let NMEA 2000 standard heading sensors and GPS receivers feed the Axius system through VesselView. The Mercury/Maretron Axius OEM GPS receiver is about as precise as a lukewarm cup of tea compared to the current Simrad GS25 or Garmin 19x. (DOP of 0.6-0.8 vs 1.2-1.8 on Maretron) The Mercury/Maretron Heading Sensor is very good though – but would be nicer to have it on the standard NMEA 2000 chain. You could even put it on a separate N2k chain for safety and security – but still let it be 100% NMEA 2000 and not a “SmartCraft” version of NMEA 2000…… At least the NMEA 2000 version can be calibrated by Maretron USB interface.

8. If not No 7 – then AT LEAST provide a compass & roll/pitch/yaw calibration function in the VesselView for the Maretron / Mercury Heading Sensor. Now you need a Mercury Axius Technician every time you need to calibrate and if you travel far – you need to recalibrate often… And finding Axius certified Technicians are not that easy… But we do still prefer option 7….

9. Better documentation related to VesselView 7 & 4 in regards to operation with Axius/Zeus/Pod systems

Some of the above might already be implemented in the current software version. We will know once our test boat gets wet again.

Update Feb 17 2016 – Read about the new screenless VesselView Link 

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